Privacy Policy

 We take privacy of our patients' healthcare information very seriously. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy regulations govern the use and release of patient information, and give our patients, residents and healthcare clients more control over their health information. Safeguarding your privacy has always been of paramount importance. These regulations place additional responsibility on healthcare organizations and healthcare workers to protect private health information.


We will not share any individual data gathered online except in emergency circumstances or when otherwise required by law, in those instances where we need to share information with third parties in connection with your medical care or treatment, we will specifically ask for and receive your authorization.  We receive and store certain information you provide us, including information entered on this website. For example, we collect information you provide when you send us an e-mail, call us. This information may include:


     - Your name.

     - Your mailing address.

     - Your e-mail address.

     - Your phone number.


Our website may offer links to other sites that may have their own policies regarding privacy. If you visit one of these sites, you may want to review the privacy policy on that site and we make no representations or warranties regarding other site's policies or privacy protections. In addition, you may have linked to our website through another site, and in that event, we make no representations or warranties regarding such site's policies or privacy protections.