Welcome to my office. I am a surgeon, and I imagine that there may be other places you would rather be. Your health and needs have brought us together and will be the top priority of our visit. We will focus not only on your surgical issue, but also on general wellness, healthy lifestyle choices, how to maintain good health, and how to prevent future problems. For the entirety of my professional life, I have provided health care to other. I love what I do despite the tumultuous changes overtaking our healthcare system. Please know that you have found a doctor who cares about what matters to you. My Motto: Live well and do good things.


 -Dr. Thompson


We Respect Your Time

Personalized Care

Integrity and Communication

Your visit is important to us. Dr. Thompson believes that few people want to walk into a surgeon’s office. As a result, our office is small, warm, and friendly. You can expect familiar faces as well as state of the art care with each visit. We aspire to create a comfortable atmosphere and treat you the way we wish to be treated when we visit our doctors.

Your schedule is important to us. You are taking time from your life to focus on what is most important: your health. We limit the number of guests in our office as well as the hours we work so that you can have a pleasant experience. This also allows us to be rested and ready to provide you with quality care. Out of respect for you and your time, our schedule is set within Dr. Thompson’s ability to see you when you are scheduled.


Dr. Thompson approaches your care in a systematic fashion. Information is gathered and used to define what your circumstances are by asking pertinent questions and then listening carefully to your replies. Next, your options for how to proceed will be presented to you. From there, you decide what the next best steps in your care will be. The risks and benefits of your options will be reviewed with you, and if you wish, recommendations for how to proceed will be provided. It is important to us is that you participate to the extent you wish in the development of your care plan.



Quality relationships are of utmost importance to Dr. Thompson. She understands that respectful, professional communication is the root of healthy relationships. You can expect sincerity, truthfulness, decency, a current fund of knowledge, and proficient technical skills in your time spent together. It will be our pleasure to take care of you. Get in touch with us for a consultation.